36th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 12-16 October, 2022

Made in 234


Karolis Šarkus - s
Lukas Smulskis - as
Artūras Daunys - p
Nojus Drąsutis - b
Jonas Filmanavičius – dr

That is a part of the jazz ensemble of Balys Dvarionas School of Music. In the last two years the ensemble has fascinated the audiences of Vilnius Mama Jazz, Birštonas Jazz, Druskininkai Jazz Marathon.

Jazz master Vytautas Labutis’ disciples are virtuosos and outstandingly educated. They already have won prizes in young performers’ chamber and jazz competition Sąskambiai, captured Grand Prix in the Pavasario trimitai competition in Plungė, appeared at the Lithuanian National Philharmonic and many more scenes.

The members of the Made in 234 appear as soloists, garner prizes in competitions.

Vilnius Jazz Young Power scene will present their original collective composition Coming soon.

Saxophonist Karolis Šarkus enjoyed the patronage of M.Rostropovich Charity Foundation Support to Lithuanian Children for two years. He was four-time winner at the National Juozas Pakalnis Competition for Young Performers. In recent years he was also successful in international competitions – National Accents in Music, Kaunas Sonorum, as well as Algirdas Budrys Wind Instrument Competition for Soloists.

Alto saxophonist Lukas Smulskis was a winner of Don Chento Jazz international competition in Kaliningrad – he captured two Grand Prix. He is also a winner of Music Without Borders international competition in Druskininkai.

Pianist Artūras Daunys earns recognition on both jazz and academic music scenes. He is the winner of Balys Dvarionas Study Competition Young Virtuosos and recipient of Grand Prix as well as a winner in three Music Without Borders international competitions.

The list of his awards includes first prize in Jazz Fountain international competition, Grand Prix in Don Chento Jazz competition and first prize in the National Chamber Ensemble Festival Classic and Jazz. He has appeared in Latvian, Russian and German festivals.

Bassist Nojus Drąsutis was first in jazz ensemble (led by Oleg Molokojedov) in Don Chento Jazz international jazz competition in Kaliningrad as well as Music Without Borders international competition. Last year the ensemble recorded their debut album. The bassist hones his skills in master classes, follows international jazz news. He is also interested in film.

Drummer Jonas Filmanavičius became the winner of the National Juozas Pakalnis competition. Several years ago he has captured the Grand Prix at the Music Without Borders competition, and won first prize in Don Chento Jazz competition. The performer has taken part in master classes in Lithuania and abroad. 

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Made in 234


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