36th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 12-16 October, 2022

Quark Effect


Kornelijus Pukinskis – sax
Matas Samulionis – electronics
Dominykas Snarskis – dr

The group has been active for three years and has performed in Scotland. Its members have been on the VJYP stage several times with other bands and have won prizes in this competition. Last year, as members of Luvhurts Kornelijus Pukinskis and Dominykas Snarskis were the winners of the Vilnius Jazz Young Power competition.

The group brings collective composition Liudna Nx to the competition.

Saxophonist and composer Kornelijus Pukinskis earned the Bachelor’s degree at the Royal Conservatory of Scotland, was tutored by the world-class saxophone master Tommy Smith, and collaborated with prominent musicians such as Graeme Stephen, Mario Caribe and artist Karen Strang. He performed on the Glasgow scene with the group Quark Effect.

Vilnius Jazz audience got to known him as a member of the trio SIN. In 2015, he was recognized as the composer of the best VJYP original composition. At that time, Kornelijus was submerged in various experiments and combinations of musical styles, and now he is successfully realizing himself by exploring the interrelationships between various art forms, music and science.

“I used to think that everything was real, but as time went on, I realised that the only real thing in this life is death. That’s why I play so strangely”, he admitted.

Improviser, composer, producer Matas Samulionis graduated from the LAMT with a Master’s degree in the Contemporary Music/Improvised Music. His main instrument is the saxophone, but he has always been interested in the nuances of accompanying, harmony, composition and arranging. This eventually led to his first public opuses as a composer: Vox Oblivionis – 7 Riddles after the works of Konstancija Brundzaitė, and the electroacoustic ballet Newborn (together with Andrius Laucevičius and choreographer Vaida Šniurevičiūtė-Juknelienė).

During his Master’s studies, Matas became fascinated with analogue modular synthesizers, sound and timbre possibilities. Eventually, saxophone and electronics, jazz and contemporary music, mainstream and avant-garde merged in his arsenal – every mean, every instrument and every musical idea became appropriate in order to achieve an artistic result. He is currently seeking a PhD at the LAMT.

Drummer Dominykas Snarskis plays jazz, improvised and academic music. Often manoeuvring at the border of genres and styles. The musician is seeking a Master’s degree in the Contemporary Music/Improvised Music at the LAMT.

He played in the group SIN, is a member of Brave Noises and Artisans, participates in interdisciplinary art projects organized by the Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities.

Dominykas is of kin to the Scottish music scene, where he plays in the Quark Effect trio, in the Nevis Ensemble Orchestra, collaborates with composers Fergus Hall (The Shores), Rufus Elliot (Hellands Healands), Alex Paxton (Corn-crack Dreams); was a member of Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra and TSYJO All-Star Big Band.

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