36th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 12-16 October, 2022
T.Kutavicius - A.Gotesman   Lietuviškai

It's not for the first time when those two Lithuanian jazz musicians perform together. Their attitude towards creation is completely non-conventional. On Vilnius Jazz stage the duet shall perform Magister Ludi, a Tomas Kutavicius's composition. The idea for the composition comes from the famous novel by Herman Hesse. A huge variety of contemporary music styles are performed in the composition and it's like playing with glass beads. "The whole life is like a game", says the author of this intellectual music game and he emphasises that the situation of nowadays game is very important to him.

Tomas Kutavicius, the pianist and the author of the Project as well as the composer of contemporary music began to play jazz in 1985. From 1986 he is one of Skirmantas Sasnauskas trio, then the Quartet/Quintet members. In 1990 he gathered his own trio. Since then he frequently performs in Europe, USA, has participated in many famous international festivals, has co-operated with various well-known Lithuanian, German, French and Czech jazz musicians.

In 1991 began to study composition. His teacher is Bronius Kutavicius, famous Lithuanian composer and also Tomas's father. Tomas Kutavicius's recent interest and devotion is in composing. His music is distinguished by its ethnicity, rich tunes and conceptualism as well as non-traditional harmony. His compositions have been performed in Lithuania and outside the country. Pasikalbejimas su Savo Siela, Tomas's first composition was performed in 1993 at the International Vilnius Jazz and Kaunas Jazz Festivals. Nematomu Seseliu Projektai, Tomas Kutavicius's Suite was performed at the International Contemporary Music Association Festival and was very positively evaluated by critics. Pieces from Tomas Kutavicius's compositions were played in 1995 at Jonas Mekas cinema archive hall. Zaidziame Klases, Zaidziame Sachmatais, the ballet by Tomas Kutavicius was performed in 1996 during the St. Cristopher's Festival. A sound track of Jeronimo Pasakos Tomas Kutavicius musicle was recorded in 1997. A year later Arklys ir Upe, another muscle by the same author was performed on the stage of the National Filharmonium. In 1999 under the Vilnius quire request the composer wrote an opera Motules Akys. His Suite in Jazz and Priartejimas, the composition for the quire were performed last year during the St. Christopher's Festival and in Germany. Tomas Kutavicius had written the hymn on the occasion of Jonava, the town in Lithuania, two hundred fiftieth anniversary. Currently the composer works under the musicle Zvejys ir Jo Siela, under the fairy tale by Oscar Wilde that has been requested by the National Filharmonium. Despite performing and composing, Tomas Kutavicius also teaches: he is a head of jazz section at Liepaites quire school.

The drummer Arkady Gotesman has performed on the professional stage since 1982. He was a member of Trimitas, the Brass Orchestra, and Oktava Ensemble. He began to perform jazz together with G.Abarius Trio, since then he has co-operated with various musicians. Since 1990 Arkady Gotesman has performed with Petras Vysniauskas and V.Ganelin, since 1994 he has worked with Dainius Pulauskas as well as with Ch. Bauman, R.Dahinden, J.Siron, V.Volkov, V.Gaivoronski, Fr.Studer and with almost all Lithuanian jazz musicians. Arkady Gotesman is a member of Dainius Pulauskas sextet. Arkady Gotesman has performed solo and with bands at various jazz festivals in Lithuania and outside the country. Despite of his career on jazz stage, Arkady Gotesman composes theatre music, writes scenarios for music performances and installations, co-operates with various artists, actors, performers of modern dances, symphonic orchestras, etc.

Tomas Kutavicius - p
Arkady Gotesman - perc
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