35th Vilnius Jazz Festival. 13-16 October, 2022
Vilnius-Jazz Quartet feat. Neda   Lietuviškai

Vilnius-Jazz Quartet has been developing the principles of Vilnius Jazz School founded by Ganelin-Tarasov-Chekasin. The Quartet was founded in 1989 when the pianist Oleg Molokoyedov joined Vytautas Labutis Trio. Even the very beginning was very successful for Vilnius-Jazz Quartet: they were well recognised at various international festivals during the first year of the Quartet and since then they are known both in Lithuania and abroad.

The VJQ do a lot of travelling: for eight years they have participated at a mini VJQ festival in Born-Darße, the German health-resort, they also give annual concerts in Yorkschlösshen, one of the oldest jazz clubs in Berlin. The Quartet have performed in Latvia, Russia, Germany and Bulgaria. Five years ago Neda Malunavičiūtė joined the Quartet with her input of vocal and flute. This year Leonid Shinkarenko, the permanent bassist of the Quartet was shifted by Eugenijus Kanevičius. Last year VJQ performed on the World Stage, the World's biggest stage in the Millennium Dome in London, they took part at Europe Monmartre Festival in Paris, played at Expo 2000 exhibition in Hanover.

All the members are very skilled, full of happiness and humour and are well known in Lithuania.

The saxophonist Vytautas Labutis and the new bassist Eugenijus Kanevicius during the festival shall also play in duos, Vytautas Labutis shall also play with Dainius Pulauskas Sextet.

Oleg Molokoyedov, the pianist of Vilnius-Jazz Quartet is also known as a publicist and jazz-critic and a teacher who, together with Vladimir Chekasin have developed a special jazz improvisation teaching methodology at Balys Dvarionas Music School. Oleg Molokoyedov began to pay jazz in sixties. His first jazz festival was Tallinn Jazz'66 where he performed together with his Quintet. Oleg Molokoyedov is famous as a member of Vladimir Chekasin's Quartet, he also collaborates together with Vladimir Chekasin, Vytautas Labutis, Gediminas Laurinavicius, Leonid Shinkarenko, Danielius Praspaliauskis, A.Vapirov, K.Mutspielis, he has also participated at various international projects. Oleg Molokoyedov has frequently performed with such young musicians as Danielius Praspaliauskis, Jan Maksimovich, etc. Oleg Molokoyedov has recorded about thirty albums, some of them personal.

The drummer Gediminas Laurinavicius is a permanent member of Vilnius-Jazz Quartet. He plays jazz since 1979 together with Vladimir Chekasin's ensembles, Petras Vysniauskas Quartet, Vytautas Labutis Trio, Vilnius-Jazz Quartet, the Quintet "Dziazo Nubloksti", Vladimir Tarasov's Lithuanian Art Orchestra. He is a leader of Gedo Syndicatas ensemble, collaborates with a great many Lithuanian and foreign musicians, such as composers and performers of pop, classic and contemporary music, he creates solo projects, music for performances and movies.

Despite his music career, Gediminas Laurinavicius teaches at Vilnius Balys Dvarionas ten-year music school.

The singer Neda Malunaviciute has worked with Vilnius-Jazz Quartet since 1996. As a member of Vladimir Chekasin's Balys Dvarionas Music School children jazz ensemble she first appeared on Lithuanian jazz stage in 1988. Since then she used to sing at the NNB group, Artūras Anusauskas Quintet, Džiazo Nublokšti ensemble. She played with Dainius Pulauskas Sextet, Vytautas Labutis Octet and Leonid Shinkarenko Jazz 4 and with various other Lithuanian jazz musicians and with M. Finberg (Belarus) and Kaunas Big Bands. Neda took part in a concert tour with the musicians from the United States; currently she collaborates with Estonian jazz musicians. Neda has played with various bands and ensembles in the USA, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Laikas Pripažinti, her album of pop-music earned her the Bravo Award and in 1999, at the International Yesterday - Pärnu contest in Estonia together with Dainius Pulauskas Sextet she was awarded the Grand Prix.

Vilnius-Jazz Quartet

Vytautas Labutis - saxes, ky
Oleg Molokoyedov - p, ky,
Eugenijus Kanevicius - b,
Gediminas Laurinavicius - dr, perc

Neda Malunaviciute - voc, fl
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