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Dainius Pulauskas Sextet   Lietuviškai

By founding his jazz sextet in 1996, Dainius Pulauskas has filled a gap that has until now existed in fusion in Lithuania. The sextet made their début in 1997 by releasing the album Penetration. Their performance in Birštonas jazz festival in 1998 caught Lithuanian audience by surprise: this was the kind of jazz that had never been played in Lithuania before. This gave the sextet an impulse to take part in all major events of Lithuanian jazz life and release albums. Vilnius Jazz, Kaunas Jazz, Birštonas jazz festivals and two albums, namely Penetration and 1999 witness a huge inspiration.

"Autumn Suite" is the name of the sextet's latest album and performance, which are living proof of the group's inclination towards freer improvisational jazz and compositions large in form.

Dainius Pulauskas (born in 1960) has been playing the piano and the violin since he was a child. Later, he studied the piano at Vilnius Conservatoire, and Lithuanian Music Academy. Pulauskas played jazz in Conservatoire's Big Band and other bands. Since 1981 he has played in popular music ensemble "Oktava". In 1991 he joined "Skirmantas Sasnauskas Jazz Quartet", and later collaborated with Danielius Praspaliauskis. In 1996 Pulauskas founded a new sextet, and named it "Dainius Pulauskas Jazz Sextet".

In the beginning of his career trumpeter Valerijus Ramoska played exceptionally classical music. He studied trumpet at Lithuanian Music Academy. In 1990 Ramoška made his début in Birštonas jazz festival. After the festival, he joined "Oktava" ( a popular music ensemble lead by Dainius Pulauskas). Currently Ramoška performs as a soloist in the Lithuanian Radio and Television Orchestra (lead by Jaroslavas Cechanovičius), collaborates with various Lithuanian jazz musicians. The trumpeter took part in JazzBaltica, Vilnius Jazz, performed in France, Germany, Russia, and Estonia. He has been playing in the sextet since its foundation day.

Vytautas Labutis (born in 1960) is one of the most famous Lithuanian saxophonists, and one of the first pupils of the celebrated saxophone player Vladimir Chekasin. Labutis graduated from the saxophone class of Lithuanian Music Academy, was a member of Petras Vyšniauskas Quartet from 1982 through 1986. From 1987 to 1991 played in Chekasin Quartet. In 1988 he gathered his own trio. Labutis takes part in international music projects, such as JazzBaltica Ensemble, Octet Ost III, East-West Vapirov Project and others, and is a member of New European Saxophone Quartet. He has participated in jazz festivals all over Europe, also in the USA. Writes film music. In 1998, together with the octet, released his first authorial album Terra Vandetuja.

Bassist Vladimir Borkovski (born in 1968 in Vilnius) graduated from B.Dvarionas music school and went on studying at Vilnius Conservatoire. He played in various jazz and pop-music ensembles already during his school years. A member of Sasnauskas Quartet since 1986. Has been collaborating with Danielius Praspaliauskis' Dixieland and the sextet.

Drummer Linas Buda (born in 1962 in Kaunas) is self-educated. He began with playing rock music in such bands as "Roko laboratorija" and "Antis". In 1988 he joined Sasnauskas Quartet. Has also performed together with Danielius Praspaliauskis' and Eugenijus Kanevičius' bands. Currently, Būda is playing rock music. He is also a member of Lithuanian Radio and TV Big Band, takes part in various jazz projects together with Petras Vyšniauskas, Danielius Praspaliauskis, Vladimir Chekasin, plays in the band named Leonid Shinkarenko Jazz 4.

Before entering the Music School in Tula, drummer Arkadi Gotesman (born in 1959) learned to play drums by himself. In Lithuania, he played in ensembles "Trimitas" and "Oktava", performed together with Gintautas Abarius, collaborated with Petras Vyšniauskas. Gotesman has recently been working on various projects separately.

Dainius Pulauskas Jazz Sextet

Dainius PULAUSKAS - piano, sythesizers
Valerijus RAMOSKA - trumpet, flugelhorn
Vytautas LABUTIS - saxes,bass clarinet
Vladislav BORKOVSKI - bass
Linas BUDA - drums
Arkadi GOTESMAN - percussion

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Autumn Suite

P & C Litus Agency, 1999

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